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Vidya Coffee is situated at Chikmagalur with its own coffee estates, integrated coffee processing plant, spray dried roasting plant, Instant coffee plant & coffee plant with the capacity of over 25000 MT/Annum in the heartland of Indian coffee which is a part of Western Ghats. The Western Ghats mountain range is rich in flora and fauna and is considered as one of the Bio-diversity hot spots.


Vidya Herbs Pvt Ltd ventured into Vidya Instant Coffee Plant and is situated at Chikkmagalur is the heart of coffee growing region and surrounded by western Ghats mountain which is considered as one of the bio-diversity hot spots. Vidya Having its coffee estates in and around Chikkmagalur and all estate coffees delivered to “ Vidya Plant “ to follow “Berry To Cup Concept”. 


Vidya Insta Foundation covers 10 acres of campus with a capacity of 15,000 MTS / Annum and facilitating automated machineries for packing. 


Spray Dried

Drying of extract takes place under low temperature by controlling bulk density and colour factors to retain the aroma



Spray dried powder is further processed for granulation  to get dust-free products, retaining the aroma and colour.



Decaffeination removes nearly all the caffeine from the beans. It is carried out while the beans are still ‘green’, before they are roasted. Under European law decaffeinated coffee must contain 0.1%, or less, caffeine in roasted coffee beans, and up to 0.3%, or less, in soluble/instant coffee. 

All processes are carefully controlled so that any possible solvent residues remain below the strict limits fixed by law.

Quality and Packing

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